if b1a4 was an emoticon they would be this one :D

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destroyflowerboys It’s a wip but KRIS IN A CROP TOP




it’s okay, it’s literary practice



okay but like Yifan having a massive embarrassing crush on the pizza delivery guy and he literally gets the exact same pizza every Friday and since he’s a reg Junghwan will write little notes with smiley faces and ugly doodles on the box and Yifan just melts and probably keeps all of them hidden away somewhere when he needs a muse for his next art piece (when he’s not modeling obviously)

#Yifan uses embarrassing pickup lines on junghwan


THAT’S FUCKING BADASS first of all, infant swimming lessons are life-saving and awesome but also she TOOK HER FIRST STEPS GETTING OUT OF THE POOL? i am a fan of this child


opal/diamond/gold ring

and now, unless you are actually from a rural non-industrial community (or a community often harmed by these stereotypes), or unless anyone has criticisms of the sources i picked to quote (like they’re not actually affected themselves and are exploitative or something), i think the conversation is closed.

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Anonymous asked:

You're dead wrong about baro. the english translations are also way off, I had my (korean) girlfriend translate for me, she told me: " e__e no the last comment he made was like "I think it's a good place to learn about what we people are in reference to this universe" He was talking about legit animals." She has no bias and isn't into b1a4 at all. So please, stop.

wait if that’s the literal translation that still doesn’t mean he was talking about animals tho. but cool second translations are always great

also i think this is still a good platform to talk about anti-indigenous rhetoric in general regardless of involving baro so u can go on believing what u like about him but in general we should also be really critical about why we suddenly want to talk about raw energies of human life (“what people we are”) when we’re talking about the savannah but not when we talk about spain, for example

why does any place in africa = “bare human life experience”?

especially when rural, non-industrial communities all over africa and all over the word are literally as we speak getting forcibly removed from their land and lifestyle and culture in the name of “making them civilized”?

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okay okay here are some links written by rural communities in non-industrial regions on why speaking about their cultures as if they are ‘primitive’ as baro does is harmful to them (doing my best to quote only people directly affected and not scholars or activists who claim to represent them).

okay so my point is, is what baro said a terrible thing to say? yes. is baro a terrible person? well… tbh like sooo many people say that shit. my point ISN’T ‘baro is uniquely evil, more evil than others and we should hate him’, but ‘we should all take this opportunity to learn something and change our own behavior so we can avoid making the same mistakes he does’. so my point ISN’T to head after baro w/ torches and pitchforks, (please try to disconnect the question of this kind of speech being right or wrong from your feelings about whether you ‘like’ baro), it’s for us all to take a sec and think about how that kind of speech might hurt real living people.

so some quotes n links from actually affected people:

Tribal people are not ‘backward’, they haven’t been ‘left behind’. They choose to live on their land, in their own ways.

Thinking of tribal peoples as ‘primitive’ or ‘backwards’ assumes that their way of life is inferior and not part of today’s world. This leads to the notion that they should be ‘developed’ and ‘brought into the mainstream’, often with devastating consequences


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yungdo asked:

baro really says some stupid shit but im feeling his comments are more based on fucking ignorance than hatred


doesn’t change the harm they do

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Anonymous asked:

I'm black and i've watched the whole thing and i don't see anything wrong, really. Maybe you're overreacting a little? Or simply taking it out of context. He didn't say anything about Africa in general. They're not racist, calm down people please.


i think there would be many other black people who disagree with u on this and if so i invite them to please speak up (off anon if they feel comfortable) either in my inbox or just in the tags and on their blogs… i don’t really wanna pull out that gif of the black kids playing together and then one kid’s face splits open and it’s a white girl inside going ‘i’m black and i don’t think thsi is racist’ cause idk you but… like… ok….

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